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Does HIIT Really Work

Does HIIT Really Work?

Does the thought of getting your blood pumping, working up an intense sweat, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for short bursts of time make you excited, filled with dread, or a little bit of both?  There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but this is the essence of HIIT, or

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How to stay Fit When traveling

How To Stay Fit When Traveling

Do you have a vacation coming up? Great! You deserve that hard-earned time off of work and day-to-day responsibilities. Whether it’s soaking up the sun on a beach, going on a multi-city adventure abroad, or staying cozy in a cabin in the woods, we sincerely hope you enjoy your time away making memories and experiencing

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How-to-Stay-Fit-When-Traveling 20 Reasons To Workout Today

20 Reasons To Workout Today!

We know you’re busy and there are so many things that require your time and attention. Family schedules are hectic, emails are coming in like crazy, and there are events to be at, dinners to make, and other responsibilities to attend to. And while all of those things may be true, there is still time

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